All prices exclude Vat and are subject to change without prior notice.                                                                    

All garments must be checked prior to leaving our premises.                                                                      

Discounts can be negotiated on larger quantities.                                                                            

Please ensure that you have checked the items to your satisfaction before proceeding with any branding on the garments.                                                                               

No goods are returnable unless by prior arrangement with management (in writing) and returned within 7 days subject to a handling fee.                                                                    

A standard handling fee of 10% will be levied on any orders cancelled & a 20% handling fee on goods returned within 7 days                                                                                

with prior arrangement. End of range and clearing items cannot be returned for any reason whatsoever, they are sold voetstoets.                                                                        

Under no circumstances will we accept returns after 7 days, even if goods are not correct, reject etc.    

Goods remain our property until they are paid for in full and payment has been verified by us.Garments must be checked thoroughly before branding as no claims will be considered on any article that is not in its original state.                                                                

No goods may be returned if not in its original state. No claims will be considered on garment printed, embroidered,                                                                     

washed, wrongly sized, colour fastness etc. Rinse thoroughly as residue can cause fading / bleaching.   

Please ensure that your printer uses a non-bleed, low bleed ink on all polycotton and polyester shirts. 

Dry inside out, flat in shape. Each batch may vary in quality, size, colour specs and dye batches.                

Please follow the washing instructions on the label of the garment. Hang garments inside out when drying in direct sunlight.                                                                              

Please ensure that all traces of detergent are rinsed out of the garment. Please note that if any residue is left in the garment,                                                                            

"it will have

the effect of a bleaching agent when it comes into contact with the sun and body perspiration."                              

If pockets are cut or garments altered for any order, the customer is liable for payment of the garments and labour cost.                                                                               

Garments are not guaranteed to be supplied with pockets.                                                                        

All cheques must be bank guaranteed and brought to our premises for verification, please do not deposit bank guaranteed cheques                                                                              

as you will have to wait for it to clear in our account which could take up to 7 days before goods are released.                                                                    

Electronic transfers will only be accepted as proof of payment once monies have cleared in our account, this can take up to 2 days.                                                                 

Due to the increase of fraud, goods will only be released with a proof payment verified by us.                  

Please request for our terms & conditions to be faxed to you prior to purchases.